Channel Howto

Getting Started

ScaleEngine Channels are live streams, created in our web-based playout management system.

Playlists contain either VOD assets found in your sestore account, or live streams, or both. An active scheduled list will start playing in order from the beginning, and will loop over and over, creating the continuous "fake live" streaming channel.

VOD consistency: We cannot emphasize this enough. It is very important to look at the file browser analysis of your content and to ensure that your content has the same profile, bitrates (approximate) and framesize dimensions, to maximize compatibility with player devices.

Uploading your Files

You will need an FTP client. We send a setup email when your account is ready. This email contains the specific storage server name where you will upload your content. Login with your ScaleEngine account name and password. Be sure that you upload to the "vod" directory, and make sure the content has completely uploaded before you play anything. If you wait for the file browser to update (about 20 minutes), this will not be an issue for you.

Creating a Playlist

You will always have the default list that we create for you in your demo. Once your content has been added with FTP, and indexed (takes about 20 minutes to process) you can start to build your channel by adding your clips. Once done, save and reload your channel.

To add a new channel, go to On-Demand, Playlists, and select "New Channel". Give it a Name (this is the playlist name) and enter the stream name you want it to play out on. Schedule it for "Now" (or the day you want it to play out on the stream) and then "Add Video". Source will either be VOD (browse to your file and double click it to add it to the list) or Live (select it from your list of live streams you have added to the channel origin). Save the list once it is complete, and then on the View page hit reset to fire it up.

Scheduling a Playlist

In general, our users rotate through several lists to show different clips on different days, with a start time on the morning of the day. This allows you to program several days in advance. Schedule any list for playout using the date-picker tool, which will allow you to set a specific time for it to take over.

Going Live

Cutting in a live stream is simple. You just add the live item to the list. Send the stream from your encoder (verify it is live in the control panel streams page) and then reload the channel at the offset number of the live item. Note that you can also configure automatic push to Facebook and Youtube (simultaneously of course) in the control panel for this live stream.

Reloads, Resets, and Offsets

Resetting your channel closes the stream, kicks off all viewers, and restarts the stream.

Reloading your channel simply causes the first playlist item to transition into the running stream, seamlessly.

Reloading your channel at an offset causes the desired playlist item to transition into the running stream, seamlessly. The offset is the number in order that a clip or live stream appears in your list, which we show to you in the control panel, if you highlight the item.