Video Analytics

Real Time Tracking

Our server-based analytics product pushes live event viewer data directly from our servers into your Google Analytics tracking ID so you have accurate, real time viewer location and unique viewers, as well as specific device type reporting and session duration data.

What makes our system superior? Three things, quality, uniqueness, and reliability.

First, quality. Our server-based reporting works for live events, not just on demand. All live stream events are shipped out in real time to GA, directly from our CDN servers. Importantly, this is completely transparent to your viewers. There is no javascript dependancy at all. Any viewer connecting to play your stream, from any device (OTT box, Roku, Google, Apple, Amazon Fire, phone) is shown in real time.

Secondly, uniqueness. Our reporting system works with live streaming to identify specific viewer location, and also complete device and session duration for historical trend reporting. Our system works with both live and on-demand streams. Every player-based analytics system is either javascript based for on-demand only, and therefore is doing web-page and not video stream reporting, or is only able to report on general live stream location from their servers. Specifically, all set top box systems and phones consume HLS streams. We report exact location and device type for all of them. No one else can do this.

Third, reliability. We are reporting millions of video hits to Google in real time. If you rely on adding webpage javascript to push data to Google, you will fail to capture any data on live streaming. You can only get play, pause and stop events, for on-demand streams and no device data at all! But you already have GA telling you about webpage visitors! With our server-based system, stream viewer activity is captured perfectly by our servers, and sent immediately to Google. There is no additional javascript load on the page, and no dependancy on user behavior.