SEVU: Scale Engine Virtual Usher

Stream Access Authorization and Security

Assign specific users with passwords to specific streams, and restrict access by domain name

ScaleEngine's Stream Access Authorization and Security system includes Domain Locking (restrict access by Domain), and our SEVU token security system, which protects valuable content for businesses around the world. It is resilient, robust and scales up to match your growth.

This is the only security system that supports revoking access along with IP network and frequency access restrictions.

Recent benchmarking has tested out at 5000 tickets per second issued with the API, and 1500 concurrent issuing and verifying API calls. It secures Live and VOD streams with simple API calls that enforce your business rules.

Your application issues tickets to legitimate viewers, and our Virtual Usher verifies that the ticket allows that user to see the stream.

SEVU API documentation is here . Example code is available for ticket request methods for C#, php and java.

Secure HTTP download is available with our Secure Link implementation.